Neck Gaiter - Face Mask - Coolmax Bandana - Boomers - Rainbow Bandana - Sports Bandana - Running Neck Gaiter - Gaiter Scarf

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Neck Gaiter-Face Mask-Coolmax-Boomers-Rainbow Bandana-Sports Bandana-Running Gaiter.Neck Gaiter-Face Mask-Superb cooling effect with our Coolmax Active Bandana - consists of a fine 100% polyester fiber performance fabric that’s made with Coolmax technology. It can also be used as a face mask and a face shield, giving protection from wind, UV rays and dust. This creates a moisture absorbing, quick-drying and breathable fabric that also offers lightweight thermal performance. The performance benefits of the Coolmax technology are permanent and are designed to keep the wearer cooler, drier and more comfortable longer than the classic microfiber based Neck Gaiter.

Ideal for those looking for extreme protection, maximum absorbency and coolness.

🌸 Neck gaiter
🌸 Headband
🌸 Face mask
🌸 Tube scarf
🌸 Adult Neck gaiter
🌸 Balaclava
🌸 Bandana
🌸 Sweatband
🌸 Dust mask
🌸 Buff
🌸 Mask for Adults
🌸 Bandana
🌸 Tube Bandana
🌸 Face Gaiter

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