Boho Handcrafted Genuine Vegetal Leather Bracelet with Tiger Eye Stone - Fashion Bracelet with Naturel Stone

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Boho Handcrafted Genuine Vegetal Leather Bracelet with Tiger Eye Stone - Fashion Bracelet with Naturel Stone .

100% handmade quality vegetan leather bracelet design.

Bracelet with Tiger Eye Stone setting. 

Each bracelet is made adjustable with a flexible brass insert and finished with handstitching

Width: 0.40 inches

A Tiger’s Eye stone is a healing gemstone of vitality and physical action. It stimulates the first through third chakras to help you remain grounded, calm and centered, regardless of how crazy the situation is. The Tiger Eye stone meaning includes energizing your body and chakras to strengthen your motivation and willpower. It combines the energy of the Earth with the energy of the Sun, bringing grounding, optimistic and happy energies. Tiger’s Eye stones help you to see the positive in any situation, making it especially helpful for anyone who suffers from feelings of depression. Once you feel centered and grounded, you will have the confidence and courage to explore new possibilities.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of multidimensionality. This stone gives you the tools to see the world from a new perspective. It shifts your outlook so that you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Is there a new hobby you’d like to try? A solution to a problem you haven’t considered? An aspect to yourself that you haven’t indulged? Working with it grounds you in the power you need to inspire courage to pursue new ventures. Carrying Tiger’s Eye stones, and having the intention of the Tiger Eye stone meaning, is believed to bring you new opportunities, prosperity and abundance. These stones also help to give you a little creative boost when you are feeling creatively blocked or drained.

Tiger’s Eye encourages us to go outside of our comfort zone, which is where growth, change, and transformation happen. It pushes you to you recognize your gifts and your self-limiting beliefs. You are capable of so much more than you ever thought you were. The Tiger’s Eye meaning will bring you to confront your self-imposed boundaries and tear them down. The more you work with Tiger’s Eye stones, the more your universe will expand.