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Boho Handcrafted Leather Bracelet with Black and Orange Agate.

100% handmade quality vegetan leather bracelet design.

Braided by hand.

Each bracelet is made adjustable with a flexible brass insert and finished with handstitching.

Width: 0.80 inches

Origin of Name & Mythology: In antiquity, in many cultures it was considered a stone of protection. The name is derived from its occurrence at the Achates River in southwestern Sicily.

Agate forms when microscopic quartz crystals are deposited in layers, often banded with members of quartz, chalcedony or jasper. All Agates are grounding, calming cleansing and protective. They are also harmonising, and as such can be used to balance male-female energy, and balance the physical, emotional, intellectual and etheric planes. Agates help with self-confidence issues, improve concentration, and ease emotional trauma. There are many forms of agate with additional properties, a few of which are listed below:

Materials: Quartz, Stone, Leather, Pewter.