Boho Leather Earring with Jade Setting

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Boho Leather Earring with Jade Stone Setting.

100% handmade vegetan leather earring design with jade stone setting.

Each earring is finished with handstitching.

Earring Height : 2.1/4 inches

With history deeply rooted in many Asian cultures, Jade is a healing gemstone that has been used as a powerful lucky charm for thousands of years. This is why our original jade bracelet and jade earring is designed to invite prosperity and abundance into your life. When you wear jade jewelry, it helps you achieve your goals by attracting and magnifying positive energy and emotions such as peace, wisdom, and harmony. Designed as wearable Feng Shui formulated jewelry, jade stones work to boost prosperity in all areas of your life. A traditional gemstone of abundance, jade brings harmony and happiness to your business and family life. As an Earth element, jade jewelry promotes the flow of money and success into the wearer’s life.

Green Jade is also a wonderful gemstone for healing matters of the heart. Its color is pure heart chakra green. The energies of love, well-being and balance flow strongly through this gemstone, harmonizing and balancing the heart chakra. Jade jewelry and gemstones can be used to attract love and romance into your life by opening your heart to all types of love. It is especially supportive of new love, said to increase trustworthiness and fidelity. 

Wearing jade jewelry not only encourages the flow of wealth and abundance but also a renewed zest for life. As soon as you place it on your skin, its energy infuses the wearer with a distinctive ‘joie de vivre’ that is often linked with this verdant shade of green, the color that reflects nature in full bloom. 

Wear a jade bracelet when you’re working on an important project and remind yourself of the possibilities for growth and expansion. Because once you open up the heart chakra, happiness and abundance is sure to follow. Because of their tightly bonded microcrystalline structure, jade jewelry has the power to hold your intention for you to call on when you need it. Just like Quartz programs a watch, Jade and other gemstones can also be programmed with a specific intention. 

The jade bracelet meaning is associated with peaceful and soothing vibes, which makes it an excellent remedy for cooling off hotheaded emotions. Whenever stress puts you out of sorts, keep calm and hold tight to your jade jewelry, which is known for its powerful harmonizing and balancing effects. Wearing a jade bracelet also helps you connect with others on an emotional level because its tranquil vibes help to ease feelings of over-excitement and nervous tension, leaving your heart open to listen and express empathy and understanding. 

Wearing a jade stone bracelet fosters the flow of chi, or life-force energy, throughout your entire body. Try wearing a piece of jade jewelry or carrying green jade stones stones while you are taking a hike or are out in nature. It will draw the Earth’s life-force energy from your surroundings to revitalize and recharge your aura. 

Referred to as ‘forest bathing,’ the practice of wandering aimlessly along a path in a forest is an excellent way to rid the body of toxins, especially when you wear a jade bracelet, which helps to amplify the powerful and vibrant energy of nature. As you breathe in the fresh and oxygenated air, take a moment to let the jade healing properties reconnect you to the wonders of nature. 

Known as the stone of longevity, jade jewelry gives you constant access to its healing energy. In fact, Jade boosts cellular regeneration, a healing effect that is further enhanced by having direct contact with your skin. Its balancing energy is like a weed busting its way through concrete – its powers are gentle and steady but fueled by an unrestrained sense of hope and progress. When you wear jade jewelry, it reconnects you with the Earth energy, reminding you to fall in step with the steady rhythm of the planet. 

Keep your Jade jewelry cleansed and activated so that it vibrates at its full potential and amplifies the energy around you. There are many ways to cleanse your jade jewelry but one of the easiest and quickest ways is by smudging it with sage smoke. 

When you cannot be outside in nature, wearing a jade bracelet or holding jade stones can help bring the energy of the Earth and nature into your surroundings. This energy stimulates the flow of energy in the body to dissolve blockages and increase your physical energy.