Boho Leather Earring with Green Agate Stone Setting

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Boho Leather Earring with Green Agate Stone Setting.

100% handmade vegetan leather earring design with green agate stone setting.

Each earring is finished with handstitching.

The green agate stone is a variant of the agate crystal and so it is also related to balance and luck. But the green coloration of this stone brings to it specific characteristics, such as encouraging health and fertility.

Learn more about this stone and learn how to use it in your daily life. The Green Agate Stone is the stone of luck, beauty, harmony and fertility. For the esoteric, this stone increases self-confidence and is a strong ally for the digestive system

The green color of the agate is directly linked to health. It is an encouragement of nature to the correct functioning of your physical and mental body. The stone helps restore the balance and harmony of all systems, especially the digestive system. In addition to the health benefits, it brings great benefits to the emotional and energetic body, find out below.

The green agate is an incentive for self-confidence and self-esteem. She is able to restore her inner strength, bringing emotional balance, persuasion and recognition of the Ego. It is a stone that brings you closer to your inner self, bringing self-knowledge, expansion and personal growth. Those who are stagnant, are discouraged and do not see how to leave this position, can and should make use of this stone as a tool.

For the power of the green color and the mineral nature of the stone brings the balance and sense of order necessary for the transformation, strength and courage necessary for change. There are those who consider it, together with the purple agate stone, a stone of friendship and justice.

As a health stone, Green Agate helps in the healing process and treatment of various diseases, as it stimulates the immune system. By using this stone, the defense of your body becomes more active, strong and effective, fighting any disease more quickly. It is especially indicated for the treatment of eye and digestive health. It favors intestinal activation by avoiding problems like constipation and hemorrhoids, for example.

At home, it can be positioned to attract its benefits to the residents. In the center of the house, it attracts balance and health. On the east side of the house, it helps to protect the children. On the southeast side, it increases the fertility of the residents. On the west side, it encourages change. For the other benefits of green agate, simply carry it with you, like an amulet or accessories.