Handcrafted Genuine Vegetal Leather Rustic Brown Skull Design Cuff , Unisex Gift Skull Leather Bracelet

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Handcrafted Genuine Vegetal Leather Dark Brown Skull Design Cuff , Unisex Large Gift Skull Leather Bracelet.
Thick and soft rustic brown - black vegetal leather bracelet with hand moulded skull head.
All products are dyed, cut and sewn completely by hand.
Rustic Brown - Black colour.
This one of a kind accessory is adjustable for comfort.
Large to XL Adjustable for comfort.
Wrist Length: 7.25 to 8 inches (adjustable)
Up Wrist : 8.75 to 9.5 inches (adjustable)
Bracelet Width: 4.25 inches.
Vegetable tanning refers to leather that is tanned with oak and spruce bark. Also quebracho, tara pods, olive leaves, rhubarb roots or mimosa are common. These substances are placed in a pit along with the skins and hides. As these tannins are derived from plants, the leather is called vegetable-tanned leather. Also the term "natural leather" is used.