The Science of Biker Accessorizing!

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The Science of Biker Accessorizing!

The summer is here and time to brush off the dust on those Harleys and take to the highways.

Bike riders however have evolved as much as their machines over the decades and now riding gear, such as leather accessories, biker leather face masks, headwear, and the coolest bandanas have become a huge part of the lifestyle.

Luggage is available in a miriad of styles and colors to fit every model of bike, but naturally colored vegetan leather saddlebags, handcrafted leather front fork bags and leather side bags are still considered the ultimate status symbol.

Biker leather facemasks on the other hand are the choice of hard core bikers.  Generally handcrafted with vegetan leather, the leather facemasks cover the nose and mouth and often come studded, laced or handpainted with skulls and other classic biker symbolizm.   The sight of a rider moving towards you on a highway with a leather facemask sporting a learing skeleton design is a formidable sight for sure !

The Science of Biker Accessorizing

The mainstay however and the the one accessory that has remained a constant throughout the evolution of bike riding is the humble motorcycle bandana.  Motorcycle bandanas have themselves evolved into variations such as tube or seamless bandanas, triangle bandana designs and incorporate a new breed of materials such as coolmax  which offers a cooler feel and extra absorbency. Bandanas for sale at any motorcycle accessory store, offer not only SPF protection, they also give superb wind protection, and in the case of the seamless tube bandannas, sweat absortion in the form of headbands or skull caps.

So whether you favour leather side bags, leather facemasks or some of the coolest trend bandana designs such as skull bandanas, multicolored camouflage bandanas or even flag bandanas; make sure that when you start your bike this weekend you have truely embraced the science of biker accessorizing.

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