Kids Neck Gaiter - Face Mask - Felix Kids Bandana - Blue Bandana - Neck Gaiter - Headscarves - Mask For Kids

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Kids Neck Gaiter-Face Mask-Felix Kids Bandana-Blue Bandana-Neck Gaiter-Headscarves-Gift Sun Shield Mask For Kids. Kids Neck Gaiters-Finally a perfect solution for sun and wind protection for your kids. It can also be used as a mask for kids, and a kids face shield, giving protection from dust and dirt. Balance kids neck gaiters come in many fun designs and are not only stylish but give peace of mind to even the most protective mum.
The sizing of the Kids Bandanas also offers an alternative for ladies with smaller heads, and we have included some of our favorite designs to the mix offering a great choice for all tastes and ages.
🌸 Kids neck gaiter
🌸 Headband
🌸 Face mask
🌸 Tube scarf
🌸 Neck gaiter
🌸 Balaclava
🌸 Bandana
🌸 Sweatband
🌸 Dust mask
🌸 Buff
🌸 Mask for kids
🌸 Kids Bandana
🌸 Tube Bandana
🌸 Face Gaiter
Technical Details for Kids Neck Gaiters:
*Produced with 100% Polyester Microfiber
*One size fits all.
*The quality of our micro fiber gives Balance Kids Bandanas a perfectly elastic quality without losing its original shape.
*Designed to fit snuggly for maximum protection.
*Perfectly tubular with no irritating seams.
*Super absorbent and quick-drying.
*Machine washable
*Size: 17"x8.5"