Handcrafted Genuine Vegetal Leather Black Skull Dropleg Bag–Skull Design Backpack–Gift Hip Rider Bag

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Handcrafted Genuine Vegetal Leather Black Skull Drop Leg Bag–Skull Design Backpack–Gift Hip Rider Bag.

We updated our Unique Drop-leg Bag now. We put a extra strap to wear as a backpack and it works good.
Drop leg bag, Ideal for travel, work, school, hiking, camping, cycling, riding, and other outdoor activities. Adopting one-waist strap and one-leg strap design, the bag can act as a multifunctional toolbag, wallet, purse, first aid kit and so much more. The leg bag has 3 separate zippered pockets and front clasp for security.
Materials: Genuine Vegetal Leather with metal accessories. The bag is dyed,hand cut and moulded, then machine stitched to ensure sturdiness.
Length: 11 inches
Width: Hip (Top) 11 inches/ Leg 6 inches

Materials: genuine vegetal leather, metal accessories, leather waist strap, leather leg strap.

These are Handcrafted items and each finished product is unique. The photos represent the color and design of the available item. Slight differences in shade and overall visual may occur. If you would like to receive a photo of the exact item purchased, please do not hesitate to contact us.