Neck Gaiter-Face Mask-Head Scarves-Headband-Balance-Colorful Bicycle Bandana-Quality Gift Headwear Face Shield

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Neck Gaiter-Face Mask-Head Scarves-Headband-Balance -Colorful Bicycle Bandana-Quality Gift Headwear Face Shield. Neck Gaiter is a great fit for all walks of life. These seamless tubes can also be used as a face mask or face shield, giving protection from dust and dirt.
Worn in 13 different ways, and available in a multitude of colors and designs, each item is produced with 100% Polyester Microfiber .
Whether hiking, sailing, cycling, fishing, trekking, sailing or just hanging around, protect your head, neck and face from the aging effects of wind and harmful UV rays with our versatile Neck Gaiter.
The quality of our microfiber ensures maximum absorption while offering a thermal effect against cooler temperatures.
Our ladies' bandanna - headband designs are ideal for yoga and Pilates and offer a colorful sportswear option for women with a purpose.
Technical Details Neck Gaiter:
*Produced with 100% Polyester Microfiber.
*One size fits all. The quality of our microfiber gives our Adult Neck Gaiter a perfectly elastic quality without losing its original shape.
*Designed to fit snuggly for maximum protection.
*Perfectly tubular bandana with no irritating seams.
*Super absorption and quick-drying
*Machine washable
*size for Adults 19'' x 9'' Uses
🌸 Adult Neck Gaiter
🌸 Headband
🌸 Face mask
🌸 Tube scarf
🌸 Neck Gaiter
🌸 Balaclava
🌸 Bandana
🌸 Sweatband
🌸 Dust mask
🌸 Buff
🌸 Face Mask
🌸 Bandanna
🌸 Tube Bandana
🌸 Face Gaiter
1. Each Adult Neck Gaiter is produced with 100% Polyester Microfiber.
2. All our designs are printed with eco-friendly, water-based, Papijet inks. With its superior transfer yield, our products and their colors are guaranteed to stay brighter longer.
3. The use of Transjet Sportsline digital transfer, assures precise and pristine designs.
4. When washed, our Neck Gaiter - Face Mask will not fade or lose shape.