Headband or Bandana… Spoilt for Choice!

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Headband or Bandana… Spoilt for Choice!

Keeping fit has become a way of life over the last 3 decades.  Whether pilates, jogging or strutting accross a tennis court, people  are loving a healthier lifestyle.

Of course while participating in their sport of choice, dressing the  part has become just as important.

One of the most recent sport style trends is the use of headbands or colored bandanas, ideal for holding back hair and absorbing perspiration.  Generally made from a stretchy microfibre material, they  are a perfect headwear choice.

So what is the main difference between  bandannas and headbands?   Headbands or hairbands, as some prefer, are bands of material used just as their name suggests, to hold your hair off your face.

With the comeback of Yoga, the modest headband has regained popularity and no self respected Yogi will leave home without their mat or hairband. Practically, they give not only a perfect  camoflage for greasy or untouched roots but  also absorb the hardearned droplets of sweat creeping down  your temple.

Primarily seamless tube bandanas are as their name suggests, just that, tubes of material with no seams, the lack of which gives for a comfortable fit.  Traditional bandana styles were previously favoured by motorcycle riders and skull bandanas and flag bandanas were used more as biker masks rather than headwear. The tube bandana trend however has given way to an endless selection of cool badanans for every taste although the classic camouflage bandana  still remains a firm favourite.

The main difference between the two however is the versitality of the tube bandana. Not only can they be used in exactly the same way as the headband, but can used in over 12 different other styles and offer SPF and wind protection.   More and more seamless tube bandanas are making their way into gyms and studios and have taken their place onto the heads of the the rich and famous as cred Street wear.

So before hitting the gym this week don’t forget to pack your coolest bandana or headband!

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